Dr Gary Reah

Secretary: Glenys Simmonds
Tel: 01535 292185
Fax: 01535 292162


What my department does:
Provides anaesthetic care for routine operating lists, emergency operations and obstetrics. Additionally the department provides around the clock dedicated clinical care for those on Intensive Care and are part of the “resus team” when a cardiac arrest occurs in the hospital. There is also an acute pain team which deals with any acute pain problems on the surgical wards. In addition the department provides support to A&E when a very sick patient comes into the emergency department and requires further investigations/treatment.

The department also has a busy teaching schedule to the anaesthetic trainees, other doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. Recently the hospital has introduced a project called “Hospital at Night” The anaesthetic junior doctors help out with this when they are not busy in the operating theatre or intensive care.

What my department doesn’t do:
Unlike some anaesthetic departments there is no “chronic pain” clinic at Airedale.

My areas of interest:
Member of the Drug and Therapeutics Committee.

My academic background:

  • Research Registrar on ICU investigating a red blood cell substitute.

GMC/Year Qualified/Qualifications
3183971 / 1986 / MBChB & FRCA