Updates from your Governor

For details of the different areas / constituencies, click here, for a map. For a full list of Governors, their constituencies and contact email addresses, click here. Please click on the constituency in the table below for the latest Governor updates for your area.

BingleyApril 2016October 2016
Bingley Rural
IlkleyApril 2016October 2016
Keighley Central
Keighley EastApril 2016October 2016
Keighley WestApril 2016October 2016
Worth Valley
WharfedaleApril 2016
SkiptonApril 2016
Settle and Mid-CravenApril 2016
South CravenApril 2016October 2016
West CravenApril 2016
Pendle East and ColneApril 2016October 2016
Lower Wharfe Valley
Rest of EnglandOctober 2016
Staff Governor - Governor update
Ben GrangeAllied Health Professionals
Madi Hoskin All Other Staff