Interested in being a Governor?

All members can stand for election to represent the area they live in.  We have divided the areas into ‘constituencies’ based on your postcode, similar to what happens in a local council election.

Click here for your governor information pack. There is also information produced by Monitor, the independent regulator, on the role of governors that you may find useful:

For more information on the elections click here.

The role of the Council of Governors

We want our Council of Governors to have a real and substantial role, creating relationships between us and the community we serve.

Our governors play a very important role in the Trust. They act as a link between Foundation Trust members, the public and the Board of Directors.

A governor is both an advisor and a guardian:

  • by representing the views of members and the public when decisions are made
  • by holding the Board of Directors and Non Executive Directors to account for the performance of the trust.

If you need more information:


Telephone 01535 294540

Write to us at :
Foundation Trust Office
Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
Airedale General Hospital
Skipton Road
BD20 6TD