What’s happening now?

Airedale Hospital was authorised as an NHS Foundation Trust on 1 June 2010.  Becoming a Foundation Trust gives the hospital greater freedom to develop services for patients and give local people much more say in decisions about its future. NHS Foundation Trusts:

  • are free from central government control and are able to decide how to improve their services;
  • can retain any surpluses they generate to invest in new services, and can borrow money to support these investments; and
  • are accountable to their local communities – local people can become members and governors.

Election latest

As a member one of the ways you can get involved is by standing for election to become a governor on our Council of Governors. Our Council has 22 members, 18 of which are public or staff members, who have put themselves forward for election to represent their local area. Our elections are normally held annually and for more details of which seats will be available for election next time, click here.

Building our membership

Patients, carers and local people have the opportunity to get involved by becoming members of the Foundation Trust.  Currently the Trust has more than 13,500 public, staff and volunteer members.

We want you, our local population, including our staff and partners, to have a stake in our future. We are currently trying to increase our numbers of public members so as many local people as possible can be involved.

Please show your support and be part of your local hospital by joining us now. Click here to find out more about the benefits of becoming a member.

Our Council of Governors

The Trust also has an established Council of Governors representing a broad geographical area and skill mix, made up of elected local people, elected staff and nominated representatives from partner organisations.  They will play an important role in the future of the Trust. Click here to find out who’s who on our Council.