How we use your information

Confidentiality affects everyone: Airedale NHS Foundation Trust collects, stores and uses large amounts of personal data every day, such as medical records, personal records and computerised information.

Everyone looking at your record, whether on paper or computer, must keep the information confidential.

We will share information with the following main partner organisations:

  • Other NHS Trusts and organisations that are involved in your care

  • General Practitioners (GPs)

  • Other Providers working in partnership with the NHS

We may also share personal information when:

  • You ask us to do so

  • When we ask your views about our services

  • We ask and you give us specific permission

  • We have to do this by law

  • We have special permission for health or research purposes; or

  • We have special permission because the public good is thought to be of greater importance than your confidentiality

If we share information without your permission, we will make sure that we adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998, the NHS Confidentiality Code of Practice and other national guidelines on best practice.

We will aim to share only as much information as people need to know to play their part in your healthcare.

For more information on the information we collect and how we use it please see our Fair Processing Notice:

ANHSFT Fair Processing Notice