12th December 2013 – New mums are happy with maternity services at Airedale

Posted on December 12, 2013 by AireAdmin

Women who took part in the latest national survey about maternity service at Airedale Hospital say they are satisfied with their care according to results published today (Thursday 12 December).

More than 23,000 women who used these services around the country took part in the survey organised by the Care Quality Commission involving 137 NHS acute trusts. They were invited to take part if they were over 16 years old and gave birth in February 2013 in hospital or at home. Participants were also asked about their experiences of antenatal and postnatal care to cover their entire experience of being pregnant.

They survey covered labour and the birth, how patients were treated by staff, care in hospital after birth, feeding the baby, and care at home after the birth.

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust compared as about the same as other trusts in almost every question asked. There were 48 percent of women who took part in the survey, which was slightly higher than the 46 percent average.

In two areas, Airedale was amongst the best performing trusts – women said they were given the help they needed if they contacted a midwife, and they had confidence and trust in the midwives they saw at home after leaving the hospital. Significantly more women said they were treated with kindness and understanding after the birth of the baby this year, compared with last year. There were no areas where Airedale was judged as one of the worst performing trusts.

Women were also invited to give comments about the service, a couple of positive comments were: “All the staff were supportive and caring which made both my pregnancy and labour a lot more positive and enjoyable experience.”

“I felt I was given a very personal experience and I bonded with the midwife who cared for me throughout my pregnancy and the midwife that delivered my baby. They’re very special people.”

Some of the negative comments related to poor communication with patients, lack of continuity of care, partners or families not being allowed to stay in hospital and women not being able to see the same midwife at home after the birth as often as they wanted.

The results from the survey will be discussed by the clinical governance team for the hospital who will draw up an action plan to deal with any issues raised.

Julie Hinchliffe, senior matron for midwifery at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said:  “We are really pleased that generally women are very satisfied with the care they receive from our maternity services and had a positive experience of giving birth at Airedale.

“However, we are certainly not complacent and will be considering all the comments made very carefully in an effort to improve our services, such as more support needed for mums around feeding babies.

“Since these comments were made at the beginning of the year, there has been a complete refurbishment of our labour ward and we have opened our new Airedale Birthing Centre, which provides women with a nicer, more homely environment. We now have more women who are being discharged earlier. In the New Year we are hoping to have the facilities so that more partners can stay overnight and a greater number of single rooms.

“We welcome this survey as another opportunity to get valuable feedback from patients about our services as it helps us to provide the best care possible for women in the future.”

Results of the survey are available at  www.cqc.org.uk/PatientSurveyMaternity2013