13 December 2016 – Airedale leading the way with innovation

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A junior doctor at Airedale Hospital has been praised after winning an Innovation Champion Award for his pioneering training aid.

Dr Joel Copperthwaite was the Business Case winner at the recent Innovation Showcase event delivered in partnership by the Yorkshire & Humber and North East and North Cumbria Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) and their respective Innovation Champion and Innovation Scout Network partners, Medipex Ltd and NHS Innovations North.

Dr Copperthwaite is a clinical fellow in the Steeton hospital’s emergency department and has produced a training aid that demonstrates how to insert a tube, known as a central line, into the neck vein. The line is used to monitor critically ill patients and administer medications.  He said: “Currently we’re exploring the options around patenting the device and linking in with other Trusts to help test it and confirm its usability. The Innovation Champion award of £1,000 will go towards taking my invention further.

“The testing phase and comparison trials with other existing devices will take several months, but then I hope to have a product that we can start to manufacture and sell.”

Carl Greatrex, Head of Innovation and Adoption at Yorkshire & Humber AHSN commented: “We were really impressed with the comprehensive and high quality business case from Dr Copperthwaite. His innovative device has the potential to really contribute to delivering safer care for patients both regionally and nationally.”

The awards were presented by Medipex and the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) at a special Innovation Showcase event for NHS partners from the Yorkshire & Humber Innovation Champions Network and the North East & North Cumbria Innovation Scout Network.

Carole Paley, Head of Research and Innovation at Airedale, is delighted that Dr Copperthwaite has won the award; “Innovation is in our DNA here at Airedale, and we have a strong reputation for it, led by our telemedicine service. Joel has special interest in simulation which has led him to inventing this device.

“We want to encourage more of our staff to feel that they can innovate, and on 20 January will be running a special Innovation event here at the hospital in conjunction with the Innovation Champion Network. The event is designed to help our people to look at a problem, consider possible solutions and then understand how they can take it further. And it’s not just medical inventions – it could be something to support nursing practice, an idea about a particular pathway or something to make our corporate support services work better. It’s part of our investment in sharing good ideas, and in turn reaping the rewards of that investment with revenue back into the Trust that can be reinvested in patient care”.

For more details about this free event and the Innovation Champion Network, go to: www.innovationchampions.co.uk/event/how-to-start-out-innovating/ or contact Carole Paley on 01535 292278.

Dr Fabian Seymour, who co-managed the Innovation Champion Network across the Yorkshire & Humber region says “This network connects NHS entrepreneurs and other people interested in supporting NHS innovation across our patch. The workshops we provide are free to anyone from our NHS organisations who have an interest and we encourage as many people to come as possible. I’m delighted for Dr Copperthwaite and Airedale for this award which I hope will help really kick start the development of his idea.”


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