13 December 2016 – Fundraising campaign results in life-saving monitors for stroke ward

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The stroke ward at Airedale Hospital has been able to buy some potentially life-saving specialist monitoring devices, thanks to a fundraising campaign

Stroke specialist nurse Pam Beaumont who works on the ward raised £1500 by running the Leeds half marathon. Donations have also come in from many patients and their families, ward staff fundraising events and the hospital charity, the Friends of Airedale, also donated £5000.

The campaign raised money to buy three atrial fibrillation monitors for ward 5, along with the software needed to analyse the results. Atrial fibrillation, known also as AF, is a particular type of irregular heartbeat which can increase the chances of having a stroke by up to five times. Early detection and treatment of AF is key to preventing further strokes.

“We get 3 to 4 admissions every week of patients who have had a stroke.” says Pam Beaumont. “If a patient comes in with a stroke caused by a clot, and where we don’t already know that they’ve got AF, we monitor them to check whether they’ve got the condition.

“Previously we could only monitor patients for between 24 to 72 hours, and as AF can be intermittent, we couldn’t always detect it. The new equipment allows us to monitor patients immediately on admission up to seven days and where necessary longer while they continue with their normal activities, which increases our chances of detecting the condition.”

Dr Eman Abdus Sami, Stroke Consultant and Clinical Lead, is delighted with the monitors; “These monitors help us to diagnosed atrial fibrillation and treat it, which can prevent further, more serious strokes, and save lives. We are very grateful to everyone who donated money to the fundraising campaign, to the Friends of Airedale and especially to Pam, for running a half marathon for us. We are very impressed with the monitors and are already looking at the possibility of introducing them to outpatient clinics, to be able to detect atrial fibrillation in people before they’ve had a stroke.”

“It is extremely satisfying to be able to support the stroke ward with the purchase of these monitors,” said Eileen Proud, President of the Friends of Airedale. “The Friends raise and spend approximately £250,000 per year on patient comfort and care at the hospital. Long may we continue to be able to raise funds to support this worthy cause – all donations are very gratefully received and worthily spent.”

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