13th April 2016 – Joining forces to tackle health problems caused by unhealthy food

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A unique workshop to tackle how unhealthy food is destroying the local community’s physical health, emotional wellbeing and countryside is being held at Airedale Hospital.

Representatives from the food industry have been invited to join forces with farmers, gardeners and those from health, education, local government, scientists, researchers and charities to look at how best to change food culture across the district.

The event – Together Food and Health – is being organised on Friday (15 April) by anaesthetist Frank Swinton from Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and Chris Bem, a surgeon from Bradford Hospitals Teaching Trust. It is also supported by Clinical Commissioning Groups, Bradford Metropolitan Council and community groups.

Frank Swinton, of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are trying to get people together from diverse institutions and walks of life to recognise the huge problems of obesity and diabetes in today’s society and to take action to help our future generations lead healthier lives.

“This is the first time an event like this has been organised at the hospital and probably in the district. My dream is for in 20 years time to look back at this event when we all decided that we need to be much better at promoting healthy food and a sustainable environment, brought our ideas to the table and managed to make a difference.”

Themes for the seminar will be: changing the food culture across the district so that residents understand more about nutritious food; improving access to healthy food; examining the links between food, sustainability, resilience, and a healthy local economy; how farming and the land can become part of our daily mind-set and implementing a food policy which will create a healthy future for everyone.

This is the first of a series of three events – the others will look at travel and health at Bradford Teaching Hospitals Trust, Friday 8 July and work and health at Bradford City Hall at a future date.


Anyone interested in attending the event can register at  bit.ly/20V7pNL

For more information about the other events or the initiative email: frank.swinton@anhst.nhs.uk







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