13th January 2017 – New scales are worth their weight in gold

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Weighing up the benefits of their new scales are: Val Akroyd, health care support worker; Eileen Proud, president of Friends of Airedale and Julie Blackburn, sister of endoscopy ward.

Four sets of very accurate weighing scales have been bought to help patients visiting Airedale Hospital’s endoscopy unit a cost of £1,500 by the trust’s charity Friends of Airedale.

All patients need to be weighed before any endoscopy treatment and the new scales will provide more precise measurements. Health staff also monitor their blood pressure and BMI as part of looking after patients’ health and wellbeing.

Julie Blackburn, sister on the endoscopy ward at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We need to carefully monitor all our patients, especially those with cancer, to make sure they are not losing weight due to their illness. These new scales are worth their weight in gold – they’re perfect as they will allow us to get very accurate readings.”



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