14th June 2012 – Health support for staff at the touch of a button

Posted on June 14, 2012 by AireAdmin

An innovative new service to help businesses provide health and wellbeing support to staff from their own workplace will be showcased at the Yorkshire International Business Convention (YIBC) in Leeds tomorrow (Friday 15 June).

The service, which utilises the latest, secure video conferencing technology, means employees no longer need to travel to another location to receive specialist health opinion as it can now be provided remotely.

It provides employers, and their staff, with easy access to prearranged occupational health support via a video link to a specialist team of nurses and other qualified NHS healthcare professionals at Airedale Hospital, near Bradford in West Yorkshire.

Karen Swann, head of employee health and wellbeing services at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, says: “Keeping your staff healthy makes sound business sense and having a good occupational health service can help you and your business become more productive and save money.”

Every year, 140 million working days are lost due to sickness absence, much of which ends in a swift return to work.  However, a significant number of absences last longer than they need to and each year over 300,000 people fall out of work onto health-related state benefits.  Before reaching this point, many have been long term sick off work.

Karen adds “There is comprehensive evidence that early intervention can assist employees to return to work.  If you have members of staff who are absent or suffer from health problems – whether physical or mental – providing them with early access to specialist advice and support at work can boost their recovery and make it easier for them to get back into their work routine.”

The service can be tailored to individual business or employee needs and enables staff to have confidential ‘face to face’ consultations with clinicians about a range of healthcare issues.  Using secure technology to ensure patient confidentiality is maintained at all times, it can also compliment other occupational health schemes that businesses may already have in place.

Businesses wanting to learn more about the range of service available can speak to Airedale NHS Foundation Trust staff on the stand at the event or contact Karen Swann on karen.swann@anhst.nhs.uk.