Airedale is a Vanguard

Posted on June 16, 2015 by AireAdmin

I am delighted by the news that Airedale NHSFT have been selected as one of twenty nine organisations to be awarded ‘Vanguard Status’ by NHS England for The New Care Models Programme to support delivery of Simon Stevens’ five year forward view.  A massive achievement when you consider this was from 260 organisations which had expressed an interest.

Building on from that, Airedale are one of only six organisations who were selected for ‘improving health in a care home setting using technology as an enabler’.  Today our Immedicare service forms the largest component of this service, it’s attractiveness to NHS England is due to the fact it can be deployed today, and it can be easily referenced.  Our solution is already proving to have a rapid return on investment whilst improving patient outcomes.

Airedale were invited to respond to demonstrate how the service can be deployed locally in more homes whilst adding additional services and rolling out nationally and at pace.  We worked to a tight timescale to get the response in with a huge amount of input from all involved.

I led the Immedicare response, which turned into a fast-paced, engaging, creative and stimulating development with a phenomenal work-rate.  The deadline was only met through close cooperation and copious quantities of midnight oil available to burn!

The resulting document was testimony to the hard work and dedication of everybody and we eagerly await feedback to our response and to supporting an ambitious roll-out nationwide, watch this space …..

Phil Parkinson, MD Immedicare