17th September 2012 – Hip replacement patient races to recovery

Posted on September 17, 2012 by AireAdmin

Proud Rosalind Beeson is still celebrating completing the 10k Great Yorkshire run just 17 months after having both hips replaced at Airedale Hospital.

On strict instructions from her orthopaedic team to avoid jarring her hips, she achieved her personal challenge which was to walk the race through Sheffield centre. To her delight she achieved a time of one hour, 51 minutes and raised around £850 for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Rosalind, of Ilkley, had her first hip replaced in July 2010 and the second in April 2011. As part of her rehabilitation she started doing long walks last March building up to six miles last May.

“I found that the more walking that I did, the better I became – my posture has got better and my backache, which came from compensating for damaged hips, has disappeared,” said Rosalind, aged 56.

“I practised walking faster – and although my time was pretty slow compared to most people, it was fast for me. I did find the Great Yorkshire run quite hard as my muscles have not yet regained the strength they had before the operation but I was really pleased with my result.”

Before her operations she completed nine other great runs, including the Great North Run in Newcastle five times which she half ran and half walked. She works in the Department of Health and at the time of the operations she was working on the Health and Social Care Bill, involving many trips up along the corridors and up staircases in the Houses of Parliament.

“I was in agony and walked very slowly before the operations, but after my second one I’m rushing around carrying bags of papers,” said Rosalind, whose husband Nick is the public governor for Ilkley at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.

Her first operation was under general anaesthetic and it took her a month to get over being drowsy and get up and about as normal.

Her second operation was carried out as part of the Enhanced Recovery Programme (ERP) under a combination of a spinal and local anaesthetic. This meant that she was alert and pain free immediately after the end of the operation as was able to start walking on the hip a few hours after the operation on the same day she had it done.

Before it took place Rosalind went to the Joint Replacement Education Group, an education school where it was explained to her what would happen. She had the opportunity to ask questions and could share tips with other patients. Her physio sessions started before the operation to make sure her muscles were as strong as possible. The result was she made a much quicker recovery and was out of bed moving around almost straight away. A third of the patients going through the programme are discharged on the first day after their operation with the vast majority being home within three days. This has halved the length of stay needed for safe joint replacement at Airedale.

The Enhanced Recovery Programme is about improving patient care and speeding up a patient’s recovery after surgery. It focuses on making sure that patients play an active part in getting themselves better; preparing them before being admitted to hospital; reducing the physical stress of the operation; and helping them to get moving as quickly as possible after the operation.

If you would like to congratulate Rosalind, you can support her charity by visiting http://www.justgiving.com/Rosalind-Beeson0