18th February 2016 – New Digital Care Hub opens at Airedale Hospital

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A new Digital Care Hub has opened at Airedale Hospital with space to extend and integrate services such as telemedicine which will benefit more patients and care homes.

It has replaced the Telemedicine Hub at the Day Hospital and is based in the former ward 15 which has been refurbished to make it fit for purpose.

There are 23 screened work stations for nurses in the new Hub which has room for all the digital care services to be located together. These services  include  the Intermediate Care Hub – which is run by social care and health care staff to provide a single point of access for professionals to refer patients into intermediate care and help get them home more quickly; the Gold Line service which provides care for residents in the last 12 months of their life; and the round-the-clock telemedicine service which is  currently provided for over 300 care homes, 365 days a year throughout the country and  around 100 people in their own homes. There are also separate rooms for private consultations and the telemedicine service for prisons nationwide.

The conversion has cost around £200,000 and funding has come from the allocation given by NHS England to the Airedale and Partners Vanguard.

As it is located near to the general wards and Emergency Department, this will make the Hub more accessible to consultants and nursing staff and allow more flexible working. There are currently 15 nurses that work in the Hub but there is space for more in the future.

Marie Buchan, digital care hub manager at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The new Digital Care Hub will help us to transform the way we deliver care by using new technology to provide 24 hour services, seven days a week, to be more responsive to the needs of our patients.

“It will help us to be more efficient as we can pool our resources and work more closely with our colleagues in social services to help people stay in their home to receive care.”

David Moss, interim deputy director of strategy, business development, estates and facilities at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are delighted with the new premises. Our nurses now have a much better working environment, which is much bigger and fit for the future. Materials have been used to help improve acoustics and sound-proofing.”

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust has teamed up with technical partners Involve in a partnership called Immedicare to provide its telemedicine service to around 300 care homes throughout the country with the aim to help relieve pressures on urgent care services.

Phil Parkinson, managing director of Immedicare, said: “This new Digital Care Hub will allow us to deliver our innovative telemedicine service into even more care homes as we deploy at scale around the UK.

“The message we hear back constantly from residents and care home managers is that they feel reassured just by having easy access to telemedicine. They know that if they need to see a nurse or get extra support at any time they can do so instantly at the touch of a button.”

The Digital Care Hub is central to the Vanguard – Airedale and Partners – which  is investing £1.1million (this year) to enhance the health of residents in care homes across Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale, Craven and East Lancashire by using technology, such as telemedicine, to integrate services and provide immediate access to expert opinion and diagnosis, where appropriate.  The programme aims to support residents live independently and improve the quality of life of their life by focusing on proactive rather than reactive care and delivering more specialist services into care homes.



Notes for editors

  • A unique telemedicine joint venture called Immedicare was formed between Airedale Hospital and technology company Involve in July 2014. They can now provide a full end-to-end service – clinical expertise and the technology – to nursing and residential care homes, patient homes and prisons throughout the country. Visit www.immedicare.co.uk


  • The Immedicare partnership currently provides telemedicine to over 300 nursing and residential homes and 10,000 patients being linked to the Digital Care Hub at the Trust.


  • Telemedicine is also used to support patients with long term conditions such as heart failure, COPD, and complex diabetes in their own homes



  • Using a 24-hr Telehealth Hub based at the Trust, Airedale also provides a remote consultant-led service including full trauma, orthopaedic and dermatology clinics, to 16 prisons across the country.


  • Airedale was the first NHS trust to use the acute module of TPP’s SystmOne, which enables a single primary and secondary care record to be shared across the trust catchment area and in any other region that also uses SystmOne.


  • Airedale and Partners is an ‘enhanced health in care homes’ programme – one of 50 ‘vanguards’ helping to deliver the Five Year Forward View, the vision for the future of the NHS.  Vanguards are leading on developing new care models that will act as blueprints for the future of the health and care system across the country.  The aim is to make health, care and support services more accessible, more responsive (less waiting time for patients) and more effective.  Care will be better coordinated and closer to home. For residents this could mean, for example, fewer trips to hospital; a single point of access to health, care and other specialist services day or night; access to services closer to their care home and a tailored personal service that is more responsive and reduces duplication. The programme brings together more than a dozen organisations from health and social care services, care home providers, technology specialists and academics.


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