18th September 2015 – Hospital charity donation supports breastfeeding

Posted on September 28, 2015 by AireAdmin

A hospital charity has bought equipment to help mums-to-be feel more confident about breastfeeding their babies.

The Friends of Airedale charity have funded six specialist dolls to demonstrate the best place to position a baby for breastfeeding to expectant mums and their partners, as well as new chairs and a projector, for the parent education classes held at Airedale Hospital.

The dolls, from the National Childbirth Trust, allow mums-to-be to practice holding a baby for breastfeeding and see how they can position themselves and their newborn in a comfortable and relaxed way. It is hoped it will also support more mums to choose to breastfeed their babies.

Caroline Lowe, lead midwife for parent education at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said “The new dolls are fantastic and really enhance the service we can offer to women and their partners.

“In addition, a lot of the feedback from the sessions commented on how uncomfortable the old chairs were, which is why we applied for funding from the Friends of Airedale. Since the new chairs have come the feedback has been a lot more positive.

“The projector will allow us to now show videos on skin-to-skin and attachment to the mums and partners attending the classes.”

Breastfeeding is a topic that is covered in both the caring for baby and weekend workshop parent education classes for expectant parents. the session also includes important information on how parents-to-be can build a positive relationship with their baby, to enhance their newborn’s brain development and provides advice about safe sleeping and newborn skin care.

Classes are free to attend for those planning to give birth at Airedale Hospital and further information can be found at www.airedale-trust.nhs.uk/services/maternity-services/parent-education/classes