20 July 2016 – Silsden Civic Society donation

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A local organisation has donated £1,281 to the Friends of Airedale Hospital.

Silsden Civic Society, which disbanded in April this year, has made the generous donation to the Friends as the final dispersal of its remaining funds.

The donation will be used to maintain and upgrade the hospital’s voluntary transport fleet, which is bought and run by the Friends of Airedale. The fleet of threecars and a people carrier are used for transporting Airedale Hospital patients who have been referred on to another local hospital for further treatment and who have no other means of getting there.

Eileen Proud, President of the Friends of Airedale, is delighted with the donation: “Silsden Civic Society has staunchly supported Airedale Hospital over the years and we are very touched and honoured that they have made this donation as part of their final dispersal of funds. This money will be put towards a new people carrier which means we can improve our service to people who have no other means of getting to appointments in Leeds, Bradford and further afield. This is literally a lifeline for them and we thank the Civic Society members from the bottom of our hearts.”

Rodney Fall is the former Chairman of Silsden Civic Society and also a volunteer for the Friends of Airedale, carrying out patient satisfaction surveys so that the hospital trust can monitor the care provided for patients: “We are proud of Airedale Hospital and have supported them for many years. It has been very sad to wind up the Civic Society, but we have at least been able to do something tangible with our funds. It’s good to know we can make a difference to people who are often on their own and unable to get to their hospital appointments.”

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