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31 January 2014 – Fond Farewell to Airedale’s Medical Director

Posted on 01/31/14 by AireAdmin

A big thank you for all his hard work was given to executive medical director Andrew Catto at Airedale Hospital’s public Board meeting yesterday (Wednesday) who is moving on to another role. Dr Catto is taking up the most of executive medical director for the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, in Birmingham and will […]

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31 January 2014 – My Visit to Dublin

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There are many reasons why one might wish to visit Dublin, and perhaps even more to visit the part of the city that stores its most famous, light-on-dark brew, but when I found myself across the road from the Guinness storehouse last November, it was not to enjoy the fruits of the brewer’s labour. ActivAge […]

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30 January 2014 – Airedale Hospital’s Friends and Family Test for Maternity – Favourable First Results

Posted on 01/31/14 by AireAdmin

The first results of the NHS Friends and Family Test for maternity services have been published today (30 January). The Friends and Family Test (FFT), which was introduced on 1 April 2013, was extended to maternity services in October last year and provides new and unique insights into the experiences of mothers and how they […]

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31st January 2014 – Common health questions: emotional wellbeing and your health

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Living with a long term health condition can have a big impact on your emotional wellbeing. You might find ordinary tasks difficult.  Or find that your condition prevents you doing what other people take for granted.  It’s common to feel stressed, anxious or depressed about your health.  This in turn can make your condition harder […]

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30 January 2014 – Hospital seeks local people for Council of Governors

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Anyone seeking to become more involved in how Airedale Hospital is run by becoming one of its governors is invited to one of two special events to find out what it involves. The first ‘Everything You Need to Know’ events is being held at the hospital on Thursday 13 February, between 1pm – 2.30pm, in Room […]

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27th January 2014 – Feeling under the weather? Get help asap

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If you’re feeling under the weather this winter, there’s now a quick visual guide to help you. This gives you clear, simple winter health advice, information about common winter illnesses and advice on where to get help. You can view the guide here on NHS Choices. You might also want to look at our blog […]

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24th January 2014 – Common health questions: cancer and diet

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If you are living with cancer, caring for someone with cancer, or adjusting to life after cancer, what good, reliable information and support is available to help you deal with eating problems and maintain a healthy diet? Ask your healthcare team.  You can get advice about your diet from your doctor or specialist nurse.  You […]

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17th January 2014 – Fun with food event aims to help overcome food fears

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Children with eating problems have taken part in a ‘Have fun with food’ event at Airedale Hospital to help them overcome their fear of food. Angela Freeman, a paediatric dietician at the hospital, created the event in coordination with the trust’s Child Development Centre. The two-hour session welcomes under-fives and their parents to join the […]

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20th January 2014 – When to go to A&E

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Watch this video to find out when to go to A&E, and when it’s better to go to a pharmacy, walk-in centre or GP instead. It’s a fun way to learn about choosing the right service to make sure you get the right treatment.  Don’t just rush to A&E, choose well! You can search for […]

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15th January 2014 – Common health questions: cancer

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In the first of our series on common health questions, we look at cancer. What high quality information and support is available in our area for those affected by cancer? NHS websites NHS Choices includes: information on tests, diagnosis, types of cancers, treatments and living with cancer; common questions about cancer; and a directory of […]

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