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Life as a consultant anaesthetist

Posted on 03/31/14 by AireAdmin

Having worked in England, Scotland and Wales, I chose to come to Airedale for my consultant post because it’s a great hospital in a great location. The work is varied and challenging, the population is a healthy mixture of ages and ethnicities. Most importantly for me, Airedale has a strong history of innovation and is […]

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31st March 2014 – Making a difference to the Jane and Geoff’s of this world

Posted on 03/31/14 by AireAdmin

It’s Friday evening and I’m just clearing final emails and reflecting on another hectic week of meetings, papers, appraisals, Cost Improvement Plan targets (CIPs), planning, media coverage – I’m sure it’s a familiar tale. It’s my turn to write the team’s telehealth blog and I was planning to focus on the positive national publicity and […]

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27th March 2014 – Hospital provides university with health and wellbeing services

Posted on 03/27/14 by AireAdmin

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust has won a bid to provide employee health and wellbeing services to the University of Bradford Health Studies students. Airedale Hospital’s employee health and wellbeing team will make regular visits to the University to support students studying various vocational courses including nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, radiography, occupational therapy, return to practice and […]

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26th March 2014 – Elections for local people to be hospital governors open today

Posted on 03/26/14 by AireAdmin

Anyone seeking to become more involved in how Airedale Hospital is run by becoming one of its governors is now invited to put themselves forward for election. The elections opened today (26 March) for seven public seats and anyone interested should phone Electoral Reform Services on 0208 889 9203, email or text 2FT AD and […]

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25th March 2014 – If you have diabetes, you need a care plan

Posted on 03/25/14 by helenroberts

A recent survey by Diabetes UK has revealed that large numbers of people with diabetes do not have a personalised care plan in place. If you have diabetes, it’s really important that you get the information and support you need to manage your own condition and reduce the risk of serious complications. Developing a care […]

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24th March 2014 – Airedale specialist nurse came runner-up in national competition

Posted on 03/24/14 by AireAdmin

Nona Toothill, Airedale Hospital’s urology specialist came second in the national ‘Urology nurse of the year’ awards. She was one of three in the country competing in this category as part of the British Journal of Nursing Awards 2014 and took part in the award ceremony in London last Friday (21 March). Nona said: “It […]

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21st March 2014 – Maternity Appeal reaches double its target

Posted on 03/21/14 by AireAdmin No Comments

Local fundraising support for Airedale Hospital’s maternity appeal has helped it raise double its initial target in just 12 months. The appeal, which was launched by Calendar Girl Tricia Stewart on Mother’s Day 2013, aimed to raise £