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12th March 2014 – Dance class donates £1,000 to Hospital appeal

Posted on 03/12/14 by AireAdmin

A settle dance class has donated £1,000 to Airedale Hospital’s Endoscopy Appeal. The dance class, which meets at St Johns Hall in Settle twice weekly, made the generous donation after a couple of members of the group – who had used the endoscopy unit at Airedale Hospital – felt it would be good to give […]

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11th March 2014 – Hospital supports Nutrition and Hydration week

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Staff at Airedale Hospital are raising awareness of the risks of malnutrition for patients in hospital, in the community and vulnerable people in their own homes during a week long campaign this month. Dieticians and colleagues working with older people are supporting the third national Nutrition and Hydration Week, organised by Patient Safety First between […]

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6th March 2014 – Common health questions: dementia

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Dementia is an umbrella term.  The symptoms of dementia include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem solving and language. Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, or by a series of strokes. Dementia is a long term, progressive illness.  It will get gradually worse over time. Whether […]

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6th March 2014 – Airedale specialist nurse gains national recognition

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Nona Toothill, Airedale Hospital’s urology specialist has been shortlisted for a national nursing award. She is one of three in the country competing for the Urology Nurse of the Year category of the British Journal of Nursing Awards 2014 and will take part in an award ceremony in London on 21 March. As part of […]

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6th March 2014 – Airedale MS nurse gains international recognition for her care

Posted on 03/06/14 by AireAdmin

A nurse who is part of Airedale Hospital community team has got international recognition as a specialist for multiple sclerosis (MS). Jane Pearce has just been awarded a certificate from the Multiple Sclerosis Nurses International Certification Board (MSNICB) after passing a stringent examination for all nurses worldwide who provide MS care. There are just nine […]

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4th March 2014 – Urgent care on screen – a lifeline for residents and staff in nursing and residential homes

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Caring for patients at home and avoiding unnecessary admissions and A&E attendances are absolutely vital to the success of the telemedicine service and seeing the impressive statistics which are emerging is highly rewarding for me as the service manager.  It is also important to remember those occasions where patients have to be admitted to hospital […]

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28th February 2014 – Airedale Hospital staff kick the habit in time for No Smoking Day

Posted on 03/03/14 by AireAdmin

Alison Higgins and Catherine Bramley have kicked the habit in time for No Smoking Day by taking part in the ‘Quit Group’ at Airedale Hospital. The group is held every Thursday morning on site and during the week of No Smoking Day (Wednesday 12 March) there will be information in the hospital explaining where staff […]

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