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10th December 2015 – Healthcare staff reach out to help ex-service people

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More support is being given to ex-service people by staff at Airedale Hospital  who have provided a base for a new welfare drop-in service and taking up an offer of specialist training. The Royal British Legion now visits the hospital site to spread the word about the wide range of advice and support they can […]

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10th December 2015 – Look out for your neighbours this winter

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W – I – N – T – E – R N is for Neighbours Keep an eye on elderly and frail neighbours and relatives this winter, and help to keep them safe and well. Older neighbours, friends and family members might need a bit of extra help over the winter.  There’s a lot you […]

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9th December 2015 – Bradford Cathedral to host its first NHS carol service

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Bradford Cathedral will celebrate the work of local healthcare staff when it holds its first carol service for the NHS this Christmas. Current and former NHS staff across Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven along with their friends and family, are invited to join in the service at the cathedral on Thursday 17 December. Staff are […]

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7th December 2015 – ‘WINTER’ acronym gives health advice

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Doctors are urging patients to give themselves the gift of good health this Christmas – and that means being prepared. Patients across Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven, are being urged by health professionals to think ‘WINTER’. As part of the national Stay Well This Winter campaign, the three local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs): NHS Airedale, […]

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4th December 2015 – Have you had your flu jab?

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W – I – N – T – E – R: I is for Immunisation – Get a flu jab! Flu is a common virus spread by coughs and sneezes.  It is not the same as the common cold. If you catch flu and you’re otherwise fit and healthy, there’s no need to see a […]

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3rd December 2015 – Airedale patients test whether aspirin stops cancer returning

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Patients from Airedale Hospital are taking in the world’s largest ever clinical trial looking at whether taking aspirin can stop some of the most common cancer coming back. The Add-Aspirin phase III trial, funded by Cancer Research UK and the National Institute for Health Research, aims to find out if taking aspirin every day for […]

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2nd December 2015 – Airedale Team Attend Downing Street Reception

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Representatives from Airedale attended a special reception hosted by the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street last month (Monday 23 November). Helen Bourner, Programme Director for the Airedale and Partners vanguard and Rachel Binks, nurse consultant, digital and acute care from Airedale NHS Foundation Trust joined more than 100 other NHS and care staff at […]

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Telemedicine champions chosen to have a truly fabulous time

Posted on 12/02/15 by AireAdmin

We had no doubt that the ‘Fabness Awards’ would be different from conventional awards events- but didn’t realise just how fabulous they would be. The celebration was held in an intimate venue – The Village Underground – which hosts everything from concerts and club nights to exhibitions. And our host Roy Lilley was dressed as […]

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27th November 2015 – Local premiere of ‘Power of People’ to celebrate innovation in the NHS

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Over 150 people turned out to local premiere of ‘Bringing Healthcare Home’ – an inspirational film about a service run from Airedale Hospital which helps people who may be in the last years of their life. It was shown today at Keighley Picturehouse and is part of the ‘Power of People’ – a series of […]

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