21st February 2014 – From the Heart

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Some of you may have heard of 3 million lives. This initiative is currently taking on a new lease of life led by NHS England and I was delighted to be invited to co-chair a ‘measures and metrics design group’. This week the group, with representatives from health, social care, local authority and industry, met to consider what measures can be applied to demonstrate the impact of telemedicine and other technology enhanced care services. Something we kept coming back to is how do you measure ‘from the heart’? It’s those unique patient, carer, user experiences that tell the greatest stories of what telemedicine did for them. In my view this cannot be measured using statistics. Let me give you some examples….

Last week our Telehealth Hub team received a phone call from a user of telemedicine. Their story was similar to many and started with scepticism, wondering how our telemedicine could help him and his family. After using the service their feedback included “thanks for the level of care, you supported us to stay at home in our own environment” and “we love it, it’s marvellous and has changed the way my wife and I manage my long term condition, rather than it managing us.”

Another quote which sticks with me is: “Telemedicine was our lifeline, it provided my with support and helped me to deliver my promise to my husband to care for him and allow him to die in his place of choice; at home”.

And it is these ‘from the heart’ experiences we cannot show on a line graph yet this is¬†exactly why we do it.

So let’s go share why we do it with our health and care colleagues – The latter part of my week has been finalising our plans for Health and Care EXPO 2014. The team from Immedicare and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust will be showcasing telemedicine throughout the two days; 3-4 March, Manchester Central. Not only will we be demonstrating in the Future Care Zone, key members of the team will be presenting at the following sessions:

Monday 3 – 10.45am Using technology to improve access to services – Telehealth examples of widening care

Monday 3 – 1.15 – 2.15pm – Patient Orchestrated Care; Pop Up University

Monday 3 – 3.45 – 4.45pm Closing the Gap between Primary and Secondary Care; Pop Up University

I look forward to meeting with you and sharing our experiences



Rebecca Malin, deputy director of business development and strategy at Airedale Hospital

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