22 July 2016 – Donated chair beds provide huge comfort for end-of-life care

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A hospital charity has bought some reclining chair beds for family members or close friends to stay overnight with loved ones in hospital who are in the last days of their life.

The Friends of Airedale donated them to be used on wards at Airedale Hospital.

They allow relatives or friends to stay overnight in the same room with their loved one to give them comfort and companionship, whilst allowing them to get some sleep.

Staff can contact the palliative care team or the Digital Care team out of hours to book the chair beds for all the wards across the trust.

Sarah Davie, a member of the palliative care team at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Relatives have been extremely grateful for use of these chair beds as they can help to make their final hours with a loved one less stressful.

“Many partners of our patients are elderly and have medical conditions, we need to do our best to help look after those who care for our patients.”



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