23 August – Airedale Hospital has news for you

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Hot off the press is Airedale Hospital’s popular newspaper and three governors were eager to read it to catch up with the news.
This is the fifth edition of the Annual Record 2016 /2017 – a user-friendly version of the hospital’s annual report. It is produced to let patients, their families and carers, health and social care workers and local people know more about the achievements of its staff over the past 12 months and what the hospital has to offer.
Some highlights are major refurbishments including the outpatients department; development of services such as delivering Gold Line, which provides round-the-clock access to care for seriously and terminally ill patients using telemedicine and using music to reach out to people with dementia.
The newspaper includes a page dedicated to young people; special profiles of teams and individual members of staff, information about how people can look after their health, ways in which patients can get more involved with their local hospital and how the hospital performs against nationally agreed targets. Launched at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust’s public open day, the newspaper is now available to pick up when visiting the hospital and at events staff takes part in throughout the year.
David Pearson, governor for South Craven, said: “By producing this newspaper version of the Annual Report our aim is to keep our patients and local people informed about everything that is going on in the hospital, including developments that are on the horizon.
“Hopefully this publication will spread the word that we welcome local people becoming more involved with our work which will help us to continually improve our services and care.”
Copies of the Annual Record and Airedale Hospital’s Annual Report are available on the internet at www.airedale-trust.nhs.uk
If anyone has any suggestions on the Annual Record could be improved, they can email them to communications@anhst.nhs.uk or tel: 01535 294541.

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