24th February 2015 – Staff at Airedale Hospital supported in their work and development

Posted on February 25, 2015 by AireAdmin

More employees at Airedale Hospital are receiving regular appraisal reviews and believe they have an equal chance to develop their career according to the 2014 national NHS staff survey.

The latest findings published today (Tuesday) show that Airedale NHS Foundation Trust scored in the best 20% of Trusts across the country for the number of respondents who had taken part in an appraisal review in the last 12 months. The organisation also scored well for equal opportunities at work and for fewer staff experiencing physical violence from patients, relatives or the public.

The Trust’s score for overall staff engagement was similar to other acute trusts. The result is compiled from responses that cover three key areas – staffs’ perceived ability to contribute to improvements at work; the extent to which they feel motivated and engaged with their work; and their willingness to recommend Airedale as a place to work or receive treatment. Responses to the latter part meant the overall score was slightly below last year’s result – 3.72 out of a possible 5, compared to 3.77 for 2013.

The areas where Airedale NHS Foundation trust compares most favourably with other acute trusts are:

  • 93% of staff have been appraised in the last 12 months
  • The low percentage of staff experiencing physical violence
  • 91% of staff believe the trust provides equal opportunities for career development, progression or promotion
  • More than two thirds of staff have had equality and diversity training in the past 12 months
  • The percentage of staff witnessing potentially harmful errors or near misses

The areas where the Trust compares least favourably with other acute trusts include the work pressures felt by staff, the percentage of staff feeling satisfied with the quality of work or patient care they are able to provide and support from immediate managers.

Nick Parker, head of human resources, for Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Overall the staff survey results are disappointing for us, when compared to the very positive results received in 2013. However, staff are still telling us that they would recommend the Trust as a place to work or receive treatment, but are reporting increased work pressure and are feeling less satisfied about the quality of work or care they are able to deliver.

“We take the results of the staff surveys very seriously and will be considering with out staff representatives, staff and the Board of Directors what further actions we need to take.”

The Trust will be looking to build on the People Plan it published in November 2014 and its Reward and Recognition Scheme to improve staff experience going forward.  All departments at the Trust will be developing their own individual plans to address these key issues.

This is the twelfth annual national survey of NHS staff and over 255,000 staff responded to the 2014 survey.  All full-time and part-time staff who were directly employed by an NHS organisation on September 1, 2014 were eligible to respond.  The fieldwork for the survey was carried out between late September and early December 2014.  The full results are published at www.nhsstaffsurveys.com

The questions in the survey were structured around the four pledges to staff in the NHS Constitution which cover having clear roles and responsibilities and rewarding jobs which make a difference to patients; personal development and access to appropriate education and training; support around their health, wellbeing and safety; and engaging them in decisions which affect them and their work, including staff satisfaction, equality and diversity and patient experience.