26th August 2016 – blog by Jonathan Lockwood, graduate trainee about working for Airedale

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As I write this I know that tomorrow (Friday the 26th of August) is my last day in the organisation and I am forced to reflect on my time here. When I first stepped through the doors of Airedale Hospital I had no idea what to expect. I was excited about the opportunities that lie ahead yet nervous about the impressions I may have. Over the course of the year I met a lot of fantastic professionals, experienced the whirlwind that is the CQC and contributed in many work streams. My job role challenged me and stimulated personal growth that I could not have possibly imagined before I started.
After it all I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that came my way and colleagues who have supported me through all of it. I witnessed many examples of compassionate and quality care from staff which will inspire me throughout my career. I learnt a great deal from those whose paths crossed mine, professionals working in difficult and demanding environments that I admire greatly.
Now I find myself in a similar situation as before I started, I am still excited about what lies ahead, but I will miss all the wonderful people I have met at Airedale. At the end of it all, it’s the people I have met who have made Airedale such a great experience for me. The list of people I would like to thank is huge and unfortunately I only have 250 words, so I would just like to say thank you to everyone for all that you have given me and all that you have achieved.

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