28 February 2013 – Come and work and be treated at Airedale say staff

Posted on February 28, 2013 by AireAdmin

Staff are more likely to recommend Airedale Hospital as a place to work or get treatment this year according to the results of an annual survey published today (Thursday 28 February). Airedale also came in the top 20 percent in this year’s national staff survey which ranks trusts for staff feeling they have the ability to contribute towards improvements at work.

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust scored better than average, compared to other trusts, for overall staff engagement. This covers staff’s ability to contribute to improvements at work; the extent to which they are motivated and engaged with their team, their work and the hospital; and their willingness to recommend Airedale as a place to work or get treatment. This score is 3.73 out of a possible total of 5, compared with the national average of 2.69 and has improved over the past year as the score for 2011 was 3.60.

The top five areas for Airedale NHS Foundation Trust are:

  • Almost three quarters of our staff say they contribute towards improvements at work
  • Staff who say handwashing materials are always available
  • The low percentage of staff who have experienced discrimination at work
  • 93% of staff believe the trust provides equal opportunities for career development, progression of promotion
  • Almost three quarters of staff who have had equality and diversity training in the past 12 months.

The areas where we have the lowest scores include staff feeling under pressure from work and feel they need to come to work when unwell.

Some areas where we have shown the greatest improvement since last year are: job satisfaction, more staff recommending Airedale Hospital as a place to work or receive treatment and the number of staff witnessing potential harmful errors, near misses or incidents in the past month has fallen. Areas where staff experience has deteriorated include the number of staff being appraised and receiving health and safety training, and the percentage of staff feeling pressure to go to work when feeling unwell.

Nicholas Parker, head of Human Resources and workforce development, for Airedale NHS Foundation trust, said the trust had a staff engagement plan and a health and wellbeing strategy which aimed to address areas for concern that came out of the survey.

He added that all departments across the trust developed local action plans to address any issues such as stress and work based pressure.

Nicholas Parker, Head of Human Resources, for Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are really pleased with these results, especially improvements in staff engagement and the indication that our staff would recommend Airedale as a place to be treated. This is particularly encouraging in light of our commitment to improving patient experience.

“We are never complacent and we will be talking to our staff and unions about the survey results and areas which need to be improved, such as work pressure, so that we can draw up very specific plans to address them.”

The full results of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust’s Staff Survey 2012 are published at www.nhsstaffsurveys.com The questions in the survey have been structured around the four pledges to staff in the NHS Constitution which cover having clear roles and responsibilities and rewarding jobs which make a difference to patients; personal development; support around their health; wellbeing and safety; and engaging them in decisions which affect them their work. There are also two extra themes this year – staff satisfaction and equality and diversity.