4 April 2017 – Castleberg Hospital

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Airedale NHS Foundation Trust is withdrawing inpatient services at Castleberg, following issues with the building, pending an options appraisal.

The Trust is no longer confident that the building is safe for inpatient care, or for staff’s health and wellbeing on the ward. Ongoing issues with the power supply and heating, in particular, have led to this decision.

Stacey Hunter, Chief Operating Officer of Airedale NHS foundation Trust said: “We want to care for our patients in a building that is fit for purpose.  Worsening issues with the heating and with the power supply have led us to taking this decision.  We also want to provide a safe and fit work environment for our staff and no longer feel that Castleberg can guarantee this.

“I must stress that there is no immediate danger to patients or staff, but we are carrying out a planned withdrawal of services over the next fortnight. No new admissions are currently being made to Castleberg, and services will be withdrawn when current inpatients are discharged or alternative arrangements made for them.

“While the options appraisal is carried out, we remain committed to caring for patients in their local community and will, where possible, provide care at home.  If patients need inpatient care they will continue to be cared for at Airedale Hospital.”

NHS Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven Clinical Commissioning Group and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust will work with patients, the local community and other stakeholders to inform the options appraisal.  Details of opportunities to get involved will be shared in due course.

For more information please contact Airedale NHS Foundation Trust’s Patient Advice & Liaison Service on 01535 294019.

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