5th may – Medication bags made for a good cause

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Medication bags made for a good cause

Palliative care nurses at Airedale Hospital are giving out handy bags as part of a charity venture to make life easier for patients who need to carry their medication around.

These syringe driver bags have been made and donated by IGD Interior Goods Direct Ltd, a company based at Grange Moor, Yorkshire who make window dressings including blinds and curtains.

Employees from IGD make the bags in their spare time from off cuts from the window dressings. Their aim is to make thousands of bags to thank palliative care units for their continuing commitment to their patients. They got involved through Making for Charity, which aims to provide various items to charities including bags for syringe drivers, Hickman Lines and bags for families whom are leaving hospital or hospices with their loved ones belongings. It was th Roman Blinds team at www.roman-blinds-direct.co.uk that made the bags for Airedale Hospital.

Nicola Duckworth, specialist palliative care nurse at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Some of our palliative care patients have difficulty taking oral medication and so they take it through syringes – often for pain relief – which are kept in a box.

“It can be difficult for the patients to carry these boxes around, so these bags make it easier, especially if they need more than one syringe driver. It also makes sure they are not exposed to sunlight. We will be giving the bags to our palliative care patients who need them but they could be useful for other patients too.”


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