5th November 2013 – Charity gives patients a more comfortable experience

Posted on November 5, 2013 by AireAdmin

A hospital charity has helped to buy enhanced equipment for patients to improve their comfort when undergoing endoscopy procedures at Airedale Hospital.

The Airedale New Venture charity donated ¬£10,000 to the hospital’s endoscopy appeal to buy three carbon dioxide (CO2) insufflators which are used to expand the bowel wall to enable a better view of the bowel during procedures such as colonoscopies.

Studies have shown that patients’ experience less pain and discomfort after colonoscopy when the bowel is insufflated with CO2 compared with room air, which can produce significant and abdominal discomfort.

Julie Blackburn, sister on the endoscopy unit at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust said: “Using CO2 is much more comfortable for patients and can often mean that their recovery time is quicker too.

“The generous donation of three Co2 insufflators means that we have one for each of our three procedure rooms on the new endoscopy unit at Airedale Hospital so that we can offer a more comfortable experience to all patients requiring a colonoscopy.”

Mike Yates, on behalf of Airedale New Venture, said: “We are very pleased to be able to support the hospital’s endoscopy appeal and help them to buy this enhanced equipment which will improve the quality of care and experience of patients at Airedale Hospital.