7th March 2016 – Airedale joins global campaign to promote healthy eating and staying hydrated

Posted on March 8, 2016 by AireAdmin

Dietitians at Airedale Hospital are joining a global campaign to raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition and hydration to keep people healthy.

They will have a stand in the top landing above the main hospital entrance from Monday 14 march for a week with lots of information for visitors, patients and staff. There will be a member of the team available to ask any question between 1.30 – 1.50pm each day.

There will be different themes on most days of the week – the importance of breakfast (Monday), appropriate bed-time snacks (Tuesday); good hydration (Thursday) and incorporating fruit into your diet (Friday).

Nick Bergin, specialist nutrition support dietitian at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We will be raising awareness of the trust’s new food and drink strategy throughout the week

and how important good nutrition and hydration is to improving the health of our patients as well as contributing to quality care and a good experience in hospital.

“Dehydration increases risk for falls, especially for older patients and the dietetics team is working with the Falls Steering Group at the trust to make sure nutrition and hydration is incorporated into their action plans to reduce falls  where possible.“

Other events being held during the week will be:

  • A tea party on Wednesday 16 March for patients and relatives on wards 4 and 9 to highlight the importance of good nutrition and hydration, and how this can help patient’s recover from illness.
  • Karen Haigh, nutrition nurse, will be discussing with staff the importance of keeping patients hydrated and the dangers of dehydration on Thursday 17 March.
  • Staff will be invited to join one of the regular meal audits on the wards to see first-hand what happens.

Nutrition and Hydration week 2016 is collaboration between the Hospital Caterers Association, National Association of Care Catering and Patient safety Domain NHS England.

For more information and to watch a video about the campaign click here and the 10 key aspects of nutritional care

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