8th April 2014 – Most Airedale patients say they are satisfied with Airedale Hospital’s referral process

Posted on April 8, 2014 by AireAdmin

Findings from the latest inpatient department survey for Airedale NHS Foundation Trust have been published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) today (Tuesday 15 April 2013).

The independent survey asked the views of a sample of adults who had stayed overnight as an inpatient in August 2013. The patients were asked what they thought about different aspects of care and treatment they received at Airedale Hospital. The survey involved 156 acute and specialist NHS trusts and received more than 62,400 responses, which was a response rate of 49 percent. Airedale’s response rate was 50 percent – higher than the national average.’

This is the 11th national survey of its kind and helps us understand what people think about their hospital stay and treatment to help us improve our care and services.

The survey highlights a number of positive findings, relating to hygiene, privacy and dignity and has been scored out of 10, with 1 being the lowest.

Airedale scored highest in the section relating to waiting lists for those referred to the hospital and planned admissions. (9.2). The score for patient’s satisfaction with the length of time they were on the waiting list after being referred for treatment was  (8.8) and there were fewer respondents who had their admission date changed (satisfaction rose from 9.3 last year to 9.6).

Some of the highlights for Airedale are where respondents said:

  • they thought their hospital specialist had been given all the necessary information about their condition from their GP or person who referred them (9.3)
  • were happy that nurses didn’t talk in front of them as if they weren’t there (8.9)
  • they had confidence in the doctors treating them (8.9)
  • a member of staff explained the risk and benefits of the procedure (9.0)
  • it was explained by the anaesthetist or another member of staff how they would be put to sleep (9.3).
  • overall they felt they were treated with dignity and respect (8.8)
  • they were given enough privacy when being examined or treated in A&E (9.0) and elsewhere in the hospital (9.3)
  • they were offered a choice of food (8.9)
  • hand gels were available for patients and visitors to use (9.7)

There was one area where Airedale was classed as ‘significantly worse’ than last year as less people said hospital staff discussed with them whether additional equipment or adaptations were needed in your home? (down to 7.3 from 8.9)

Rob Dearden, director of nursing at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust said one area where the Trust has ‘significantly’ improved since last year are that more patients were given written or printed information about what they should or should not do after leaving hospital. (up to 7.5 from 6.6 last year).

He added: “We are reassured that this survey shows the majority of patients who are referred to our hospital are satisfied that we treat them with dignity and respect, however we are not complacent.

“There are still areas that we need to improve and we have set up a dedicated task group to focus on this. This survey is only one of the tools we have to improve patient experience and performance. We also carry out our own ‘real time survey’, respond to comments made on NHS Choices and use the Friends and Family Test so we can respond quickly to address any problems as they arise.”