9 September 2016 – blog I came away from #Expo16NHS feeling energised, enlightened and connected”

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When I first set foot in Expo16NHS at Manchester Central I must admit it was all a bit overwhelming – a sea of stands jostling for your attention,  so many interesting sessions on the programme, all clashing of course, – so some pretty tough decisions have to be made about how best to spend your time, preferably before you get there.

There’s a real buzz about the place – everyone is intent on getting up to date with the latest thinking, all seeking ideas related to their own special interests and agendas and yet still trying to set aside time to catch up with former friends and make new, valuable contacts.

It’s exhilarating to step outside your own organisation to learn and reflect. My highlights were:- the very moving and inspiring Kate Granger Awards with backing from an NHS choir, a session sharing research about what makes a positive staff experience and results of  the #showworkplacecompassion campaign, four amazing and successful social media campaigns which featured in ‘how to do communications with no budget’ and a fabulous finale Ruby Wax’s take on mental health, a great advocate of ‘mindfulness’ and her ‘frazzled café’ which was not only very funny, but insightful and touching.

I came away from the event feeling energised, enlightened but more importantly for me connected to something much bigger than my own very small team or even our hospital. Connected to that wonderful institution that is the envy of the world – the NHS. If you didn’t manage to get to #Expo16NHS than I urge you try to get to the next one and thank you to all who helped to put on such a great event.

by Cath Seal, communications manager

Pictured Cath Seal, communications manager  and Katie Lister, head of communications at Expo16NHS

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