Airedale Doctor scoops national award

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A doctor from Airedale Hospital has won a national award for inventing a medical device that helps clinicians train safely in a vital procedure for critically unwell patients.


Dr Joel Copperthwaite, Clinical Fellow at Airedale Hospital, invented ‘Joel’s Bucket’ – a training device which creates a realistic artificial circulation for training clinicians to safely insert arterial and venous catheters. 


A central venous catheter – also called a central line – is a long thin flexible tube used to give medicines, fluids or blood over a long period of time, usually several weeks.  A catheter is often inserted in the neck, arm or chest through the skin into a large vein.  The catheter is then threaded through this vein until it reaches a large vein near the heart.


Joel’s invention saw him crowned winner in the medical devices category at the Medipex Innovation awards ceremony in Leeds and he received his award from BBC broadcaster, Harry Gration.


The Medipex Innovation Awards are organised by Medipex Ltd, the innovation hub for NHS organisations in the Yorkshire, Humber and East Midlands region, Medipex gives NHS staff the opportunity to realise the full potential of their ideas, with the aim of making a significant and positive impact on health and the economy, nationally.


Joel’s prize was £2000 towards the costs of further development of both the device and the business from Medipex.  The device initially cost under £100 to create and the design now uses 3D printing and digital technology to provide a much better training experience, and so helping reduce the risk of complications, whilst costing very little.


Joel says: “I am delighted to be awarded this prize. The funding and business support given will allow us to progress the project with the final technical tweaks, developing the business to look after it, and to foster relationships with other teaching hospitals to review the product. There is also real value in demonstrating to NHS front-line staff like me, and our employing organisations, that innovation is a worthwhile endeavour that reaps its own rewards and is worth investing in. Innovation in the NHS is essential as demands are increasing.”

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