Airedale Friends provide home comforts to waiting area

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Photo shows L to R Michelle West, Mobility Services Manager with Mike Yates, Chair of Friends of Airedale and Eileen Proud, President of Friends of Airedale


The Friends of Airedale charity have helped make things more comfortable for patients visiting the mobility services team at Airedale Hospital, by providing a newTV and water cooler for the busy reception area. 


Michelle West, Mobility Services Manager at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust said:

“This all came from our patients’ feedback where they told us it would be nice to have a distraction whilst sat in reception, and they suggested a TV.  They also suggested a drinks machine as other than the snack machine in the day hospital entrance, the restaurant and shops are further away.  Also as many of our patients come by ambulance transport and are out of the house for a long time, they need a drink when they arrive, so we wanted to do something about it as all our patients have mobility issues and we want to make their visit to us a positive experience.


“We approached the Friends of Airedale who visited us and had a look around – they were really impressed with what we do here and how many patients we look after and the scale of the service here.  We’ve got 6000 orthotic patients and 3000 patients with wheelchairs so we have a busy service – and they generously agreed to help.  So thanks to them we’ve now got these great additions to our reception and we hope it shows that when our patients tell us something, we try and help wherever we can.”

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