Airedale scores highly for equal opportunities for all staff

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Airedale NHS Foundation Trust has scored highly in a recent report which highlights the experiences of Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) staff at work.

The Workforce Race Equality Standard programme requires employers to demonstrate progress across 9 indicators of staff experience and supports continuous improvement through robust action planning to tackle the root causes of discrimination.

Airedale Hospital scored highly in the number of BAME employees believing that the trust provides equal opportunities for career progression or promotion.  Airedale also performed well in that less staff reported that they had experienced discrimination at work from a manager or colleague.

In 2017 the trust set up focus groups to represent BAME colleagues, those staff with disabilities and to represent staff from the LGB+T community, to offer a safe place for people to come together to share experiences, tackle issues and help the trust to become a better, more inclusive employer.

Joanne Harrison, Director of People and Organisational Development at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“We are delighted that our results show we are moving in the right direction in improving the experience of BAME colleagues in the Trust.  Our key efforts last year focused on providing coaching and mentoring opportunities and raising awareness of experiences through the staff networks and our Celebrating Inclusion event in October. Most notable is our Reciprocal Mentoring programme which has matched BAME colleagues with board members as a mechanism for mutual learning and sharing of experiences.

“To achieve our ambition of being the best place to work, we need to continue to enhance the experience of all our colleagues; these results provide us with an encouraging platform to build on.”

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