Airedale staff make a Butterfly tree to celebrate Dementia awareness week

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Staff at Airedale Hospital created a butterfly pledge tree and hosted a marketplace event to raise awareness of those patients living with dementia. The event was an opportunity to showcase all of the work being done to support patients including the new butterfly activity trolleys for use on the wards and John’s campaign which promotes flexible visiting for families and carers.

Also there to give advice were local organisations Carers’ Resource and Meri Yaadain – meaning ‘my memories’ – a service that supports south asian communities with dementia and their carers.  Staff also held a cake raffle with show stopping cakes and provided demonstrations of the digital reminiscence therapy unit which provides digital activities for patients to spark people’s individual recollections and memories. The unit was purchased for the hospital by the Friends of Airedale charity.

Lynsey Nicholson, Patient Experience Officer who helped organise the event said:

“We’ve been doing a lot of work to improve the experience of patients with dementia so it’s very important to us to support the national campaign to unite against dementia.

We’ve got lots of examples of great work our staff are doing such as making some of our courtyards dementia friendly and working towards getting people up, out of bed and dressed and involved in activities on the ward to enhance their overall recovery. There will be more activities throughout June led by our therapy teams. This is all intended to improve the experience and care for our patients and their families living with dementia every day.”

The hospital would also like to explore interest in a new volunteer role, to visit patients with dementia on the wards and facilitate activities with them. If there is anyone interested please get in touch with Lynsey Nicholson, email or telephone 01535 294027.

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