Airedale Urology Department benefits from new renal stone fragmentation equipment

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(Photographed L-R: Anita Graham, Hassan Khan, Omer Baldo, Fiona
Foulds, Rachel Roberts)

The Urology Department at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust has
received some state of the art equipment for the treatment of kidney and
bladder stones.

Airedale Hospital and Community Charity has funded the
purchase of a Swiss Lithoclast Trilogy Lithotripter, for the removal of kidney
stones and bladder stones, costing £50,000.

Kidney stones are usually found in the kidneys or ureter.
They are quite common but can be extremely painful if left untreated. Most
kidney and bladder stones are small enough to be passed out naturally, however
larger stones may need to be broken up or removed with surgery.

The hospital’s urology team carry out approximately 50 of
these procedures each year, around half of which are complex cases requiring
specialist treatment. The new equipment aims to reduce procedure time and
enhance the surgical experience for both the patients and the urology team. The
machine safely breaks down, removes and collects stones using a single probe
and the controls and touchscreen allow clinicians to easily customise energy
and suction settings.

Hassan Khan, Urology Consultant at Airedale NHS Foundation
Trust, said:

“We are finding the new equipment
very useful. It is a newer model to what we had previously and it is much more
efficient as it is handheld with one probe rather than two. The equipment is
easier for us to use so there is opportunity for the patients to have surgery
quicker, reducing their waiting time.”

The system has great patient benefits too. It means that
patients can be treated sooner and their treatment can take less time. The new equipment
provides better outcomes for patients as they are able to get home and back to
their usual activities quicker.

Rachel Roberts, Theatres Manager at Airedale NHS Foundation
Trust said:

“This new system will be of great
benefit to patients as it will reduce our operative time giving us the
potential to treat more patients at each session and lessen the amount of
anaesthetic time or even the type of anaesthetic a patient requires.”

Airedale Hospital and Community Charity is the official NHS
charity of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. Thanks to the support of the
community, Airedale Hospital and Community Charity is able to fund important
equipment like this to enhance patient care. The charity supports and invests
in all areas across Airedale NHS Foundation Trust in line with the Trust Strategy.

To donate to Airedale Hospital and Community Charity, please
or text 5AIREDALE to 70480 to donate £5.

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