Airedale’s new health care apprentices

Posted on July 18, 2017 by AireAdmin

Airedale Hospital

A new set of health care support worker apprentices started at Airedale hospital last week. They are the third set of clinical apprentices to join the trust this year.

The apprentices will be working on a variety of wards across the trust, from the emergency department to the stroke ward, learning on the job to become health care support workers.

Following an intensive induction, the new recruits will be working alongside and under the supervision of experienced clinical staff as part of a 12 month apprenticeship delivering care to patients.

The apprentices will study for a diploma in health and social care and have classroom based sessions delivered by Keighley College at Airedale Hospital’s site. This is a partnership venture between Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and the college’s health and social care team which will guarantee the apprentices a permanent job at the completion of their apprenticeship.

One of the apprentices, James Fielden, said “I applied to be an apprentice because I want to be a paramedic. I’m hoping to work my way up and eventually do my paramedic training.”

Apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 18, so if you’re interested in becoming a healthcare apprentice, there will be a new cohort taken on in the autumn – look out for the application on the NHS jobs website in August.