Are you ready for Dying Matters week

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An event to
help people talk about getting ready for death was held at Airedale Hospital
today as part of the nationwide Dying Matters Awareness Week.

The theme for
this year’s campaign is Are We Ready, and looks at the practical and emotional
steps we all need to take to be ready for the end of our lives. Opinion polls
show that only about a third of people have written a will or thought about
their funeral, and even fewer have thought about their end of life care, or
made a decision about organ donation.

Fiona Widdowson, End of Life Care Facilitator in the Palliative
Care Team at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“Today we want to encourage people to think about ‘are they ready’
as it’s really important to get people to think about what’s important to them
and to ask if they’ve shared that with their families. 

We’ve created a simple bucket list of what people want to achieve
in their life, it might be to ‘go to Florida’ but it’s also ‘I want to share
these things with my family’ and part of Dying Matters Week is encouraging
people to talk about it and opening that conversation. 

We are also handing out colouring in cards and asking people to
write down things they want when they die, it can be simple things from the music
they want at their funeral or they might not want a funeral and want a
celebration instead. Unless people think about what’s important to them and
share it with their family and friends, they might not know what their loved ones wanted.” 

Fiona continues:

“It can also include important things like ‘if I can’t speak for
myself, who should it be that the medical professionals should talk to?’ 
We also encourage people to inform their GP of their wishes so these can be
added to your electronic patient record and shared with the professionals who
will be caring for you at the end of your life.”

Dying Matters
is run by national hospice and palliative care charity Hospice UK, and brings
together a broad coalition of organisations related to dying and bereavement,
such as hospices, solicitors, funeral directors and grief support services.

Bleakley, the CEO of Hospice UK said: “It’s always amazing to see the
creativity and imagination that people bring to their Dying Matters events. I
hope many people will take advantage of this chance to talk about a difficult
topic in a friendly and supportive way. It isn’t easy to talk about death, but
it’s important that we all do.”

For more information on how to get ready go to

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