As part of our celebration of International Women’s Day 2020, we asked women who worked across the Trust to share their stories.

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Linda Gibbs

What is your job?
I am the Clinical Coding Manager for the Trust

How did you get to where you are today? What made you decide to do what you do?
My first passion is art and I took a degree in Fashion and Clothing Technology at Northumbria University. However after 4 years of study I decided I needed a job with my feet firmly planted on the ground. My first NHS job was allocating wheelchairs and loan equipment for a local GP practice. From there I moved into a Medical Records Department as a filing and clinic clerk.  My next move was into Clinical Coding just before it exploded fully onto the scene of GP fundholding.  Over the years I have developed a Coding department from scratch, managed a coding team of 50+ staff and become a national and international Coding trainer and auditor.  I’ve been lucky enough to teach and audit in Tanzania and Mauritius over the years as well as many of the hospitals within the UK.

What do you enjoy about your job and about working at Airedale/in the NHS?
In the early days of Clinical Coding, once it was decided to use the information generated for payment purposes, I spent a lot of time talking to clinical groups about providing good information and 30+ years on I am still doing the same thing!  Nowadays though the clinical teams are much more ‘clued up’ about their activity and mostly know what they need to provide which is brilliant for us!!  There is a lot more of a feeling of teamwork, rather than a  ‘them and us’ attitude from past times.

What else do you do outside of work? E.g. hobbies, caring responsibilities
My arts and crafts are a continual source of enjoyment for me.  I am a member of Craven Arts and take part in their annual art exhibitions; I am a keen life drawer and have done this for over 15 years.  I also love to crochet and knit – which is my down time on an evening after a busy day at work. I love all crafts and enjoy learning new things – many have found their way into my art

What is your message to women considering a career in the NHS?

There are so many different roles in the NHS that I think there is probably something to suit everyone.  I would never have expected to be spending time teaching a classroom of 30 Tanzanians how to code when I applied for my first job.  Go with the flow and never say no to getting involved!

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