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Addingham WI donate £300 for our stroke unit

Posted on 10/21/19 by AireAdmin No Comments

Members of Addingham WI visited the hospital today to hand over a cheque for £300 after being moved to help the stroke unit when one of their speakers shared her story with them about the care she had received. Julie Bridgman from Addingham WI said:  “We are always doing fundraising for local charities, they have […]

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New wheelchairs give freedom to our stroke patients

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The Friends of Airedale charity have bought three specially designed wheelchairs for the stroke unit at Airedale Hospital, to give patients more freedom after their stroke.  The chairs are specially designed to give maximum comfort and vital postural support for people who have just had strokes that don’t have sitting balance, as Pam Beaumont, Stroke […]

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Legacy funds Airedale’s own cancer research project

Posted on 07/01/19 by AireAdmin No Comments

A legacy left by a patient who was cared for and who passed away at Airedale Hospital has funded a new research project, which hopes to create a more accurate blood test to improve cancer diagnosis. The patient specifically wanted to help cancer research and the project focuses on cancer of the ovary, which is […]

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Engineering company donate Easter eggs to children’s ward

Posted on 04/18/19 by AireAdmin No Comments

Howard Civil Engineering, based in Leeds, have donated Easter eggs for children at Airedale hospital’s children’s ward over the Bank Holiday weekend. The engineering firm will be working on the Hard Ings roadworks in Keighley for the next year, and wanted to give something back to the local community. Abbie Harrop from Howard Civil Engineering, […]

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Friends donate vital heart monitor

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Friends of Airedale have funded a vital heart monitor for the stroke unit at Airedale Hospital, helping detect heart conditions and reduce the risk of further strokes. The pocket sized Novacor device monitors for a heart condition called Atrial fibrillation (AF), which is often found in patients who subsequently have a stroke.  A person with […]

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Equipment amnesty launched to rescue lost equipment

Posted on 03/12/19 by AireAdmin No Comments

Volunteers and staff at Airedale Hospital have joined forces to declare an equipment amnesty in a bid to rescue lost wheelchairs, walking frames and other walking aids. The last time the hospital held an amnesty hundreds of pairs of crutches, walking sticks, and walking aids worth around £4,000 plus several wheelchairs, were returned during the […]

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10 year old gives the gift of gaming

Posted on 03/06/19 by AireAdmin No Comments

A range of video game equipment has been donated to Airedale hospital’s children’s ward after fundraising efforts by a 10 year old boy from Oakworth. Ronnie Hearnshaw was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January this year, and after receiving care on Airedale’s children’s ward, was inspired to give something back. Ronnie said, “When I […]

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Donation for new mums

Posted on 03/05/19 by AireAdmin No Comments

Pictured: Alison Mastrantuono, Janet Jackson and Kathryn Spencer from the new born hearing screening team with Rev. Hugh Fielden, Anne-Marie Foster and Vera Cocker from All Saints Church, Earby. Volunteers from All Saints Church in Earby have donated essential products for new mums at Airedale hospital. Several bags containing baby wipes, clothes, lotion, nappies, and […]

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New chairs help with Kangaroo cuddles on the neonatal unit

Posted on 02/25/19 by AireAdmin No Comments

Parents and their newborn babies on the Neonatal Unit at Airedale Hospital are enjoying three new reclining chairs to help them get optimum skin-to-skin contact, thanks to a generous donation from the Friends of Airedale charity. The chairs have been proven to help promote kangaroo care, a method which offers support in vital areas such as […]

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Craven Poultry Keepers Club makes Friends donation

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The Craven Poultry Keepers club have made a donation of £100 to the Friends of Airedale to help provide those extras that make a difference to patients at Airedale Hospital. The cheque was presented by club secretary Jayne Gillam who also works at the hospital in the Quality & Safety Team. Jayne says:  “We have […]

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