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Dietitians’ week at Airedale hospital

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Dietitians at Airedale Hospital celebrated National Dietitians’ Week by highlighting the variety of work carried out by their profession. Dietitians’ week ran from 3-7 June, and this year’s theme is ‘what dietitians do’ to show the diversity of roles within the dietetic profession. Dietitians work in a huge range of fields and support patients with all kinds […]

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Dietitians do prevention

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Dietitians at Airedale Hospital donned their fruit masks to celebrate National Dietitians Week and to show that by eating well we can prevent illness and can all improve our health. This year’s theme is ‘Dietitians Do Prevention’, highlighting the fantastic work that all dietitians do to prevent illness and optimise health and not just to help […]

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Hospital team advises care homes about nutrition and hydration

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The nutrition and dietetics team from Airedale Hospital is helping care homes to understand the nutritional needs of their patients. Liz Dawson from the hospital’s nutrition and dietetics department is providing training in over 30 care homes in the Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven areas to as many staff as possible in each home; from nursing […]

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Airedale Dietitians say follow evidence not fads!

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As part of the fourth annual Dietitians Week to be held next week (12 -16 June), the BDA and dietitians at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust are encouraging the public to get their advice on diet from the properly qualified experts and follow evidence and not fads. 40% of people surveyed by the British Dietetic Association […]

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7th June 2016 – Dietitians spread the word about the importance of a healthy workplace

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How to have a healthy workplace is the focus of a campaign by dietitians and employee health and wellbeing teams at Airedale Hospital. They are supporting the third national Dietitians week (6th-10th June) run by the British Dietetics Association (BDA) by spreading the word about how staff and members of the local community can look […]

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7th March 2016 – Airedale joins global campaign to promote healthy eating and staying hydrated

Posted on 03/08/16 by AireAdmin

Dietitians at Airedale Hospital are joining a global campaign to raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition and hydration to keep people healthy. They will have a stand in the top landing above the main hospital entrance from Monday 14 march for a week with lots of information for visitors, patients and staff. There […]

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2nd February 2016 – New plan to help people eat healthily in Airedale Hospital

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Practical food tips to keep people with Dementia healthy. Dietitian Louise Nash has designed some new resources to help people with dementia overcome eating and drinking problems which are being used throughout the country. The information sheets have been sent out to care homes throughout the Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven district and have proved popular […]

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29th May 2015 – Airedale’s Trust your dietician campaign

Posted on 05/29/15 by AireAdmin

Dieticians at Airedale Hospital are joining a national campaign to explain what they do and how they can help patients and staff. During Dieticians Week (8-12 June), which is led by the British Dietetic Association (BDA), the team is staging an information display, on the landing above the main entrance to the hospital. Topics they […]

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