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NHS trusts join forces to improve care for hip fracture patients

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Airedale NHS Foundation Trust has joined forces with five other NHS trusts to support hip fracture patients with an initiative that has been shown to save lives, giving those patients greater independence and helping them return home. The safety collaborative seeks to improve care for these patients, often elderly, through the introduction of dedicated nutritional […]

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Care homes praised for pioneering new approach that has dramatically reduced emergency hospital admissions for elderly residents following a fall

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UK care homes see results of new technology that provides remote round-the-clock clinical care and support for residents and staff After a fall, 83% of residents stay in their care home for assessment and monitoring, reducing the risk of hospital-related complications and infections such as COVID-191 If adopted across UK care homes, the NHS could […]

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New lease of life for Castleberg Hospital

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Castleberg community hospital has now re-opened its doors to patients. Following a major programme of repair and refurbishment, the first patients were welcomed by staff at Castleberg Hospital on Monday 7 October. The hospital provides bed-based intermediate care – often called ‘step-up and step-down’ care – for 10 people.  This involves short periods of assessment […]

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Friends provide special aids for patients

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The Friends of Airedale charity have provided a generous donation of £3700 for special new standing aids to help patients at Airedale Hospital be more mobile and be moved safely by the team caring for them. The friends have bought five of the stand and transfer support aids, which are light and versatile and encourage […]

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New bus stop on the ward is helping patients with dementia

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A special bus stop on a ward is helping give dementia patients at Airedale Hospital a quiet and safe place to be and helping them feel more settled whilst they are in hospital. For patients with dementia coming into hospital can be disorientating and frightening as the ward will be unfamiliar and the person may […]

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Butterfly Tearooms open for patients with dementia

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Patients at Airedale Hospital can step back in time as a new Butterfly tea room opened this week on ward 6, to help patients with dementia. The tea room creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere on the ward and can evoke happy memories of family outings. The tea room features a specially commissioned wall art […]

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