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11th December 2015 – Airedale Hospital launches staff flu campaign

Posted on 12/11/15 by AireAdmin

Director of nursing Rob Dearden (pictured front) with medical director Karl Mainprize and Angela Wilson, employee health and wellbeing nurse adviser, are leading by example and urging staff at Airedale Hospital to protect their patients by having their flu vaccination. For the first time this year, employee health and wellbeing staff set up a drop-in […]

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24th July 2015 – Staff sickness levels – response to T&A

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Our figures for sickness levels 2013 / 14 were 3.76% and for 2014 / 15 they were 4.46% – which is a slight increase of 0.7% Nick Parker, head of Human Resources for Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said there had been an increase in short-term absence related to flu, respiratory illnesses and gastro intestinal type […]

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