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Patient and carer group highlights importance of World Stroke Day

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World Stroke Day is held on 29 October each year. This year’s campaign focuses on saving precious time, referring to the need to act FAST in the aftermath of a stroke, as well as how that action can improve the quality of life for stroke survivors. Stroke is the largest cause of disability in the […]

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New wheelchairs give freedom to our stroke patients

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The Friends of Airedale charity have bought three specially designed wheelchairs for the stroke unit at Airedale Hospital, to give patients more freedom after their stroke.  The chairs are specially designed to give maximum comfort and vital postural support for people who have just had strokes that don’t have sitting balance, as Pam Beaumont, Stroke […]

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Friends donate vital heart monitor

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Friends of Airedale have funded a vital heart monitor for the stroke unit at Airedale Hospital, helping detect heart conditions and reduce the risk of further strokes. The pocket sized Novacor device monitors for a heart condition called Atrial fibrillation (AF), which is often found in patients who subsequently have a stroke.  A person with […]

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Mark can carry on fishing thanks to REMAP

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Mark Bradley from Glusburn has been a keen fisherman for over 40 years but feared his fishing days could be over when he suffered a stroke last year which seriously restricted the use of his left arm. This was when the Community Stroke Team, based at Airedale Hospital, contacted Remap through Occupational Therapist Dawn Osborne. […]

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Airedale’s life after stroke support group

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Pictured: Airedale staff Pam Beaumont and Liz Dawson with members of the life after stroke support group. Includes speakers Grace Summersgill who runs a stroke support group in Silsden, representatives from Carers’ Resource, Cerin Rees who leads a stroke rehab class and Jean Roberts from the Goldies UK charity. Stroke care staff at Airedale hospital […]

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