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Telemedicine champions chosen to have a truly fabulous time

Posted on 12/02/15 by AireAdmin

We had no doubt that the ‘Fabness Awards’ would be different from conventional awards events- but didn’t realise just how fabulous they would be. The celebration was held in an intimate venue – The Village Underground – which hosts everything from concerts and club nights to exhibitions. And our host Roy Lilley was dressed as […]

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Talking to care home staff across Bradford about our ambitions

Posted on 07/24/15 by AireAdmin No Comments

This week we were invited to present our ambitions for our telemedicine service to care home staff across Bradford. We discussed the service we currently offer and our hopes for the future as one of the 29 Vanguard sites across the country set up to develop new models of health and social care. Our audience […]

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Changes for the better

Posted on 07/03/15 by AireAdmin

I joined the Telemedicine Hub at Airedale Hospital on secondment in November 2013, over 18 months ago now. I was very nervous at first and felt very much like the new kid on the block, even though I’d spent the last 10 years working in the community as both a nurse and falls practitioner. I’d […]

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Airedale is a Vanguard

Posted on 06/16/15 by AireAdmin

I am delighted by the news that Airedale NHSFT have been selected as one of twenty nine organisations to be awarded ‘Vanguard Status’ by NHS England for The New Care Models Programme to support delivery of Simon Stevens’ five year forward view.  A massive achievement when you consider this was from 260 organisations which had […]

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Vanguard vision

Posted on 06/01/15 by AireAdmin

Our Vanguard vison for ‘New models of care for enhanced health in care homes’ is taking shape. Our aim is to improve the quality of life and end of life experience of thousands of nursing and care home residents living in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale, Craven and East Lancashire – and ultimately for our model to […]

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An exciting time for telemedicine

Posted on 03/11/15 by AireAdmin

We have had a busy month in telemedicine as we are now live in 200 care and nursing homes throughout the country. What a land mark! Praise should go to all who have contributed to this great achievement. The clinical team in our Telehealth Hub were overwhelmed to have won three Pride of Airedale awards […]

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Herding cats… why we do what we do

Posted on 02/09/15 by AireAdmin

Last week was a busy one… …On Monday I had a meeting of minds with colleagues from Staffordshire.  We discussed prevention, self care, proactive care and reactive urgent care all made better by technology.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could understand habits, health triggers etc. in the same way as Tesco knows everything there is […]

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