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Check on older neighbours this winter

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Bradford and Craven residents are being urged to check on vulnerable neighbours during this cold spell to ensure they are keeping warm and well.

One in seven people living in Bradford district and more than one in four people in Craven are over 65 and are often at greater risk of health problems, such as respiratory conditions, which are made worse by cold temperatures.

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‘Know your normal’ message for World COPD Day

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Respiratory nurses at Airedale Hospital are supporting a national awareness day for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

To mark World COPD Day 2018 on 21 November the respiratory nurses are inviting people to visit them on the top landing above the main entrance volunteers’ cafe at Airedale Hospital from 1pm – 3.30pm, for advice and tips on managing COPD, ahead of the cold weather this winter.

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Patient care doesn’t stop for snow

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Staff at Airedale Hospital and in the Trust’s community teams have been pulling out all the stops to see patients in the face of the Beast from the East.

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Patients celebrate World COPD day

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A group of patients in Skipton are celebrating World COPD Day by spreading the news about the exercise class they have set up in Broughton Community Centre – specifically for people with long term conditions. The group mainly suffer from COPD and met when they attended the Airedale hospital 8 week pulmonary rehabilitation programme to […]

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12 January 2017 – Don’t fall head over heels this winter

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The Met Office has issued a warning to people across Yorkshire and Humber that from today (Thurs) there is a strong likelihood of average temperatures below 3°C for 72 hours and a widespread risk of ice or snow. Keeping yourself warm is an essential part of keeping healthy – especially for the very young, older […]

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20 December 2016 – Patients urged to avoid the bank holiday rush to A&E

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With Christmas and New Year holidays fast approaching, and significant pressures already being felt by local hospitals and GP surgeries, doctors are reminding people to choose wisely if they become unwell over the bank holiday. The advice – from the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust […]

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06 December 2016   – Reminder to help protect against norovirus this winter

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  Public Health England (PHE) is reminding people in Yorkshire and the Humber to take precautions against spreading nororvirus as cases of the virus begin to increase in the community.   Norovirus is the most common cause of infectious viral gastroenteritis in England and Wales, especially at this time of year. The illness is often […]

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8 December 2016 – Airedale Hospital’s Board Members Become Flu Fighters

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Members of Airedale Hospital’s board are leading by example by having their flu jab to protect themselves, their colleagues and patients this winter. They are urging frontline staff in particular to have their vaccination as it is the most effective way to prevent them from catching the virus. Currently around 67 percent of these employees […]

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6 October 2016 – Airedale Hospital launches flu fighters campaign

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A campaign has been launched at Airedale Hospital this week asking staff to have their flu jab to protect vulnerable patients, their families and colleagues this winter. The employee health and wellbeing team has staff has set up drop-in clinics, running from now until December, and will be visiting wards to make it as easy […]

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29th December 2015 – Local boy wins competition to create Christmas card

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A local boy showed off his creative talent to win a competition to design a Christmas card for Airedale Hospital. Nine-year-old Simon Hudson, from Braithwaite, was chosen as the winner of the festive contest for his Christmas pudding design by Bridget Fletcher, chief executive, Michael Luger, chairman, and Joanne Newman, matron for children’s services at […]

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