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14th January 2016 – support during cold weather

Posted on 01/14/16 by helenroberts

There is a cold weather alert in place for the next few days across England.  One of the best ways to keep well during winter is to stay warm.  If you are less mobile, are 65 or over, or have a long term health condition, you should heat your home to at least 18C. The […]

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8th January 2016 – Get sugar smart

Posted on 01/08/16 by helenroberts

Every day, without realising, we’re all having too much added sugar. You’d be surprised at the amount of added sugar lurking in everyday food and drink – and it builds up quickly over the day. Change 4 Life have created a Sugar Smart app that you can download to your smartphone or tablet.  This lets […]

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14th December 2015 – Feeling unwell? Don’t wait to get help

Posted on 12/14/15 by helenroberts No Comments

W – I – N – T – E – R T is for Timely If you’re feeling unwell, don’t wait.  Get advice from your nearest pharmacist. Winter can make existing health problems worse.  So if you feel like you’re coming down with something, even if it’s just a cough or a cold, don’t wait […]

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10th December 2015 – Look out for your neighbours this winter

Posted on 12/10/15 by helenroberts No Comments

W – I – N – T – E – R N is for Neighbours Keep an eye on elderly and frail neighbours and relatives this winter, and help to keep them safe and well. Older neighbours, friends and family members might need a bit of extra help over the winter.  There’s a lot you […]

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4th December 2015 – Have you had your flu jab?

Posted on 12/04/15 by helenroberts No Comments

W – I – N – T – E – R: I is for Immunisation – Get a flu jab! Flu is a common virus spread by coughs and sneezes.  It is not the same as the common cold. If you catch flu and you’re otherwise fit and healthy, there’s no need to see a […]

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24th November 2015 – Keep warm this winter

Posted on 11/24/15 by helenroberts No Comments

W – I – N – T – E – R: W is for Keep Warm As the weather turns colder, one of the best ways to keep well during winter is to stay warm.  Find out more on the NHS Choices website. If you are less mobile, are 65 or over, or have a […]

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9th November 2015 – Bradford’s Local Offer

Posted on 11/09/15 by helenroberts No Comments

The Local Offer is a new way of giving children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, and their parents or carers, information about the activities and support available in their local area.  There is a video to view here. From birth to 25 years, the Local Offer covers: early years; education; health; […]

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29th September 2015 – Mental health awareness in Skipton

Posted on 09/29/15 by helenroberts No Comments

A coffee morning will take place at Skipton Library between 10am and 12 noon on 6 October to raise awareness of mental health.  The event will mark World Mental Health Day. Craven Mental Health Forum are working in partnership with Dyneley House Surgery and Fisher Medical Centre to help people find out about the services available in […]

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20th September 2015 – Healthy activities in Craven

Posted on 09/20/15 by helenroberts No Comments
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Dyneley House Surgery and Fisher Medical Centre in Skipton promote a great range of health and wellbeing activities for people living in Craven.  To find out more or to book a place, contact Emma Taylor, Health Promotion Officer, on 07591067930. Walking for health – 3 different ability walking groups; Gentle yoga (4 week course, Gargrave); […]

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16th September 2015 – new Manorlands drop in service at Airedale

Posted on 09/16/15 by helenroberts No Comments

A new drop in service has been set up at Airedale Hospital by Manorlands Hospice.   This offers advice, signposting and support for people with life-limiting conditions, carers and relatives, and health professionals. You can come and meet experts in end of life care every Tuesday from 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm, in the […]

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