Cobbydale singers support Airedale cancer unit

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Members of the Silsden based Cobbydale Singers presented a cheque for £450 to support Airedale Hospital’s cancer unit, a cause close to their hearts as one of their singers, Christine Whinnerah, has been a patient at the unit over the last year.  The money was raised at their 25th anniversary concert.

Elaine Isherwood, who started the singing group, says:

“We formed the singers in 1994, there was just 6 of us to begin with.  I’d been asked to sing some solos at the disabled club in Silsden and I thought I don’t really want to do this on my own so I asked some friends of mine who were also singers.  We did this little concert and enjoyed it so much we thought we would carry on with it.   We used to rehearse in Christine’s dining room and then we got too big and one of our members was a deacon at South Craven Baptist Church, she offered us a room there and we’ve been there ever since.  Most of our singers live in Silsden and we’ve done a lot of fundraising over the 25 years and we do a charity concert every year. 

Elaine continues:

“Christine is now coming out of the other side of her treatment but she has sung with us throughout it, she’s been amazing.  She managed to sing on the 25th anniversary concert at Silsden where we fundraised for this donation.  They are a fantastic group of ladies, they really are committed and we are delighted to support the hospital in any way we can.”

Pat Dyminksi, lead clinical nurse specialist for Haematology, Oncology and Chemotherapy at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“We are very grateful to the singers for this donation; we’re going to be replacing the chairs on the unit soon and so we plan to use it to buy some new reclining chairs for our patients, so they can have their treatment in comfort.” 

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