Dr Michelle Hinchliffe reunited with palliative care team at Airedale Hospital

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Dr Michelle Hinchliffe

Airedale Hospital is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Michelle Hinchliffe as palliative care consultant.

She will be working between the hospital and the Manorlands Hospice in Oxenhope, and brings with her a wealth of knowledge about palliative care and medicine.

Although Dr Hinchliffe is originally from Telford in Shropshire, she worked at Airedale Hospital during her junior doctor training.

“I did my foundation year and core medical training in West Yorkshire and I was actually at Airedale about six years ago,” says Dr Hinchliffe. “The plan was always to come back to West Yorkshire. I always thought that Airedale would be an ideal place because I had worked at the hospital before and I knew it was a smaller and friendlier hospital to work.”

The palliative care team has just appointed two clinical nurse specialists, and with help from Dr Hinchliffe they are already planning some innovative projects within the hospital.

“I’m hoping to work with the cardiology team to look at a joint approach to heart failure work,” she says.

“Often in palliative care the focus tends to be on patients with cancer. It often has a clearer prognosis. But actually there are a lot of people with non-cancer diagnoses who have palliative care needs as well.”

Dr Hinchliffe is also hoping to work alongside the paediatric and neuro-rehab teams.

“I’m also hoping to do some transition work with paediatrics to adult medicine. When children or young adults with life-limiting conditions have been looked after by the paediatrics team they get a lot of holistic support. Then they get to adult medicine and instead of being seen by a paediatrician they are seen by a number of different specialists. We want to make that transition to adult care as smooth as possible so I’m going to do some work with those teams. This ensures the palliative care team are central to their care as they move to adulthood.”

Dr Hinchliffe says she is feeling extremely grateful for her new position because there are not a large number of consultants currently working in palliative medicine.

“Up until last year there hadn’t been a lot of jobs available in palliative medicine locally. It was just really fortunate timing that it came up when I finished my training.”

Dr Hinchliffe continues:

“I enjoyed working here before and it’s nice to see some familiar faces again. A few of the nurses recognise my voice and say ‘Yes Michelle you’re back!’”

To contact Dr Michelle Hinchliffe please email: Michelle.Hinchliffe@anhst.nhs.uk.

Click here for more information about the palliative care team at Airedale Hospital.

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